About Us





    GLAAM Cosmetics is a beauty brand dedicated to women of restoration and women on the go, founded by Owner Jeddie Carnes, a survivor of domestic violence. Jeddie’s journey of personal restoration and resilience inspired her to create a brand that caters to women who need strength, confidence, and efficiency  in their lives. 

    At the core of GLAAM Cosmetics is a commitment to high-quality products that are vegan and cruelty free, reflecting Jeddi’s belief in ethical beauty. Our range of makeup products is designed for women who lead bust lives, ensuring a flawless look that requires no touch-up throughout the day. From long lasting foundations to smudge, kiss and transfer proof lipsticks, GLAAM Cosmetics delivers beauty solutions that withstand the demands of a dynamic lifestyle.

    Jeddie’s story of overcoming adversity has shaped GLAAM Cosmetics into a brand that empowers women to embrace their unique beauty while staying true to their values. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, GLAAM Cosmetics not only enhances natural beauty but also contributes to a better world. Our products are create with carefully selected ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on the skin while providing the durability needed by women on the go.

    GLAAM Cosmetics stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and restoration. Through our products, we aim to support women in their journey to reclaim their confidence and lead empowered lives. Join us in celebrating beauty that is as enduring as the women who wear it.

    At GLAAM Cosmetics were more than just beauty; we’re impact!!!!!!!!!